International Member Patch


The International Patch is issued to all Associates and International members of LAMA. A rocker (not shown) is added for each subsequent year of membership.

Dama de L.A.M.A. Member Patch


The Dama de L.A.M.A. member patch is issued to all female riding members of L.A.M.A & is worn on the opposite side of the International Member patch. Dama de L.A.M.A. members are fully equal members just as their brothers and must go through the same Prospect to Full Member process, but they wear this patch to distinguish the prestige at which the organization holds them.

Prospect Member Patch


The Prospect patch, AKA "P" patch, is issued to any international member who is pursuing full membership to a National or International chapter. All prospect members must wear the "P" patch for a total three months.

Probate Member Patches


The LAMA rockers are add to the "P" patch to create the Probate set. Prospect members who are voted to Probate status must wear this set of patches for a total of 3 months.

Full Color Member Patches


Full Colors are awarded to Probate members who successfully complete the 6 month probation period. Full Colors are always awarded in a ceremonial fashion.